genTEN Scenarios

Exclusively designed and created for the 13th Floor and its customers, genTEN scenarios are generic ten minute scenarios that can be modified for use with your favourite gaming system, or enjoyed with our uber simple one-page roleplaying rules. genTEN scenarios are perfect for standalone play or as segues for campaigns. Having a nice little relax in a tavern? Not anymore. Exiting hyperspace smoothly? As if...


genTEN one-page rules
...Version 1.01 Download
Designed to be printed duplex on one solitary A4 page, start here for the tiniest of rulesets to enjoy genTEN scenarios with.


genTEN scenarios
...Fantasy Path
#1 Goblin Flash Mob
Goblin dance troupe leader Ziggler Diggler challenges the players to a dance off...

#2 Mayhem in Wizney Land
Whack-a-mole with a Warhammer anyone? Alrighty...

#3 Deathtrap Cellar
A deadly trapped cellar run, that's got to be fun right?


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