The 13th Floor Reboot

When we set up the 13th Floor more than ten years ago it was a labour of love. Selling roleplaying games we played as kids and supporting our Magic the Gathering cardcaine habit at the time was a joy. We added single miniatures to our range and started getting a lot more customers and making quite a few friends along the way. Recently though things have been much less fun than they used to be, partly due to the death of skirmish miniatures and rising postage prices, but also because we'd started to become another cookie cutter clone retailer for one of the biggest hobby game suppliers in the UK.

So we had a choice - close down, sell up, or reboot...

Rebooting, please wait...

In a Jerry Maguire moment we came up with an internal mission statement that we're sharing with you - and yes, only the goldfish agreed to join us when we shouted "who's with me?"

Stock fewer lines, create more of our own, generate as much fun as we can and care less about the profit.
So from now on we're stocking more things we think are cool, offering some great pre-orders, writing exclusive new games and content for you and having lots more fun along the way. As an example, we've decided to scrap the miniatures postage charge as we didn't like it, even though some orders will cost us money now (so please try and head over that £10 mark!)

Existing loyal customers
If there's anything at all we can do for you just let us know. If we're capping a line you want continued let us know. If we're not stocking a new release and you really want it let us know. If you want a previous reward changed that you purchased with XPs let us know. Pretty much anything just let us know! Things are changing but we've still got you covered.

So what's new?
* Introducing ranDees, 5 random dice in a sealed booster, exclusive to the 13th Floor.
* Introducing genTen - generic ten minute scenarios to be played standalone or moulded to your RPG rules.
* Tarot cards - roleplaying guides and games to follow
* Murder mystery games - we've been making these for the last ten years so it was about time to add them ;-)
* Reintroducing Chessex - like a long lost friend it's back
* Our free gift policy updated - mainly dice and Haribo, still no free minis, but it's discretionary as always
* £1.99 miniatures postage charge for orders under £20, scrapped.

- Tim & Lynda