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Heretic's Review
I am a sucker for oddball figures. I have enough Orcs etc bought over the last 30 years, to keep me going indefinitely but I can never have too many brains in jars, cool statues or in this case a...

"Very quick delivery, items are great, easy transaction. A repeat buyer and will come back for more. "
- Paul F


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What is it?
THEBASEMENT is the new trade matchmaking service from The 13th Floor! Sell your stuff, buy other peoples stuff!

How do I list an item?
1. Create an account or login.

2. Fill in your "Nickname" and "THEBASEMENT Email" address in your account page. Your Nickname appears with your listing, and the additional email address is an address you have registered with Paypal for payments. This could be your normal email address but we've given you the option to create a new one for privacy.

3. Visit the product page on the website and click on the "Sell Your Own Copy In THEBASEMENT" link and follow the instructions!

What are the fees?
There are no charges to list your items, however, if an item sells you will be charged a fee of 10% of the sale price. If it doesn't sell, there are no fees! Buyers don't pay any fees either, except the purchase price of the item.

How do I pay my fees?
When you have accrued more than £2 in fees you can pay from the new Paypal link that will appear in your account page. You can also check there to see how much you owe. Finally, you'll soon be able to add your fees to your basket when you place an order with The 13th Floor - useful if you want to settle up that outstanding 13 pence ;-)

Why is it here?
Some of our ranges go out of print, or have hard to find rares which we have trouble stocking. Allowing you to add items you no longer need gives other people the opportunity to get their hands on them.

1. You are responsible for proving you sent your item. Either ask for proof of postage at the Post Office (which is free) or build in Recorded Delivery to your price. If an order then goes missing the buyer can claim against the Royal Mail for up to £34 - but only if you have chosen one of the above methods. If you haven't, and the order goes missing, you will lose the item and not get paid.

2. DON'T ever send an item until you've received payment from Paypal. We send an email when a buyer confirms they will buy the item, but only Paypal will confirm they've actually paid. Lookout for eCheque payments too - these take a while to clear and so you shouldn't ship the item until it does.

3. DO only ship to the buyer's confirmed Paypal address if you want to be protected.

4. DO include your postage and packing costs in the listing. A few rare cards via 1st Class P&P in a board backed envelope should cost you about 50p.

5. DO mention if you're sleeving cards, and any extras you're throwing in for the price.

1. Caveat Emptor - or let the buyer beware. You're not buying from The 13th Floor so be more cautious when dealing with THEBASEMENT sellers. We'd like to think all of our customers are lovely (and they are ;-) but people can sign up for an account and list too without being customers of The 13th Floor.

2. DO check the seller's feedback by clicking on their name.

3. DO let the seller know if your item hasn't arrived within a week or two. If you've paid via Paypal (which you should have done) you may be covered by them in any dispute. Ultimately the seller has to prove they sent the item, or you should get reimbursed.

4. DO leave honest feedback for your seller!