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jprp's Review
First off it was prompt, efficient service as usual. Strangely no free mini but a pack of sweets?! I still have it in the box so have not studied the details 100%. Paint work looks ok. The wings...

"Swift service, fantastic minis - thanks!"
- Kim, Denmark


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We're now closed. New orders will be despatched Monday 5th January. Please email for quickest support. Merry Christmas!
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Star Wars : Edge of the Empire Scout Specialization Deck
Heroclix : Mage Knight Resurrection Booster
Pathfinder Battles : Red Dragon Evolution Box Set

Munchkin : Pathfinder Card Game
Star Wars X-Wing : YT-2400 Freighter
Heroclix : The Hobbit : Desolation of Smaug Gravity Feed

Android Netrunner : True Colors
Cthulhu CCG : Secrets of Arkham Revised Edition
Marvel Dice Masters : Play Mat

Today Only Offers (offers change at midnight)
* Dicemasters UxM : 100 Captain America - Superhero... £4.04 (Normally £4.99)
* Pathfinder Runelords : 37  Viorian Dekanti... £1.94 (Normally £2.49)
* SF Dark Path : 79 Mind Blast ... £1.28 (Normally £1.50)
* CCG TCG : A Game of Thrones : A Journey's End Chapter Pack... £10.55 (Normally £11.99)
* Collectibles : Boardgame : Save Dr Lucky... £22.99 (Normally £24.99)

Latest News and Coming Soon

[31/01/2015]D&D Dice Masters : Battle for Faerun Starter - £14.99
Last Week...
[In Stock]Star Wars : Imperial Assault Boardgame - £69.99

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Just in & restocks

D&D Attack Wing : Sun Elf Guard Troop - £19.99

Munchkin : Zombies - £19.99

D&D Miniatures : Icons of the Realms Booster x 8 - £89.99

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game : Skull & Shackles Base Set - £44.99

Summoner Wars : Phoenix Elves Second - £8.99

Ultra Pro : Deck Protector – Small Green - £3.15

D&D Miniatures : Icons of the Realms Starter Set Heroes - £16.99

Star Wars : Light Up Chopsticks Darth - £15.75

D&D Attack Wing : Green Dragon - £19.99

Ultra Pro : Pro Matte Green Protectors (50) - £2.75

Pathfinder Battles : The Lost Coast Shemhazian Demon Promo Figure - £39.99

Star Wars: Empire vs Rebellion - £11.99

Summoner Wars : Guild Dwarves Second - £8.19

D&D Attack Wing : Frost Giant - £19.99

Summoner Wars : Premium Board - £11.99

Munchkin : Apocalypse - £19.99

Marvel Dice Masters : Play Mat - £14.99

Cthulhu CCG : The Sleeper Below Expansion - £24.99

Boardgame : Rune Age : Oath and Anvil - £15.00

D&D Miniatures : Icons of the Realms Booster - £12.99

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