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The 13th Floor's Review
We think chunky dice, perfect for use as a paperweight, an MTG spindown counter, or a projectile that can destroy most of a GM's well planned miniatures encounter...

"thanks,great speed,perfekt comunications"
- thenardier


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Paizo : Flip Mat - Haunted Dungeon

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Werewolf : Hunting grounds - The Rockies
£ 15.99
Star Wars : Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook
£ 34.99
D&D : Neverwinter Campaign Setting
£ 26.99

Star Wars : Edge of the Empire Enter the Unknown
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Warhammer : 3rd Winds of Magic
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D&D : 4th Ed Monster Manual 2
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Don't Rest Your Head
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Star Wars : Edge of the Empire Mercenary Specialization Deck
£ 5.99
Trail of Cthulhu : The Book of the Smoke Guide to Occult London
£ 13.99

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World War Cthulhu : The Darkest Hour - 24.99Judge Dredd : Core RPG - 29.99
Star Wars : Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook - 34.99Star Wars RPG : Age of Rebellion GM Kit - 16.99
D&D : 4th Ed Fantasy RPG Starter - 16.99Star Wars : Edge of the Empire Scout Specialization Deck - 5.99
Trail of Cthulhu : Eternal Lies - 29.99Star Wars : Edge of the Empire Beyond the Rim - 19.99
Star Wars : Edge of the Empire Beginner Set - 24.99Star Wars : Edge of the Empire Trader Specialization Deck - 5.99

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