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Doug's Review
Wild is the right word. There is an almost feral look on her face as she charges forward, sword raised high overhead. A nice mini, caught in a great pose. The paint job is fairly simple, but clean....

"Amazing, all items in brilliant condition, extra reward if you order over 10! I come here for any Star Wars Miniature i need!! "
- Anon


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Star Wars : Edge of the Empire Trader Specialization Deck

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Rogue Trader : Core Rulebook
£ 34.99
Warhammer : Faith of Morr Action Pack (POD)
£ 6.50
Star Wars : Edge of the Empire Scout Specialization Deck
£ 5.99

D&D : Power Cards Martial Warlord
£ 6.99
Paizo : Map Pack Caravan
£ 10.99
Secret of Zir'An : Fate Screen
£ 5.99

Exalted : Cult of the Illuminated
£ 11.99
Pathfinder : Advanced Race Guide
£ 26.99
Paizo : Map Pack Hellscapes
£ 10.99

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Trail of Cthulhu : Eternal Lies - 29.99Star Wars : Edge of the Empire Scout Specialization Deck - 5.99
Star Wars : Edge of the Empire Fringer Specialization Deck - 5.99Star Wars : Edge of the Empire Enter the Unknown - 19.99
Star Wars : Edge of the Empire Marauder Specialization Deck - 5.99Star Wars : Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook - 34.99
Judge Dredd : Core RPG - 29.99Boardgame : Descent 2nd Edition The Trollfens - 25.99
Pathfinder : NPC Codex Box - 27.99Star Wars : Edge of the Empire Beginner Set - 24.99

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