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Chipmunk2344's Review
Dispater can make a great final boss for a top-end paragon tier campaign, or, failing a party good enough for that, the figure can make a good tiefling warlock, which is far from an uncommon...

"Outstanding customer service. Always 1st class service. Thanks again."
- Emma logan, Lothian


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Paizo : Map Pack Sewers

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Paizo : Map Pack Jungle
£ 10.99
Paizo : Flip Mat Cathedral
£ 10.99
Secret of Zir'An : Fate Screen
£ 5.99

Paizo : Flip Mat Bandit Outpost
£ 10.99
Paizo : Flip Mat - Monastery
£ 10.99
D&D : Power Cards Martial Warlord
£ 6.99

D&D : Power Cards Martial Rogue
£ 6.99
Star Wars : Edge of the Empire Bodyguard Specialization Deck
£ 5.99
D&D : Fortune Cards : Fury of the Feywild Booster x 1
£ 3.00

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Star Wars : Edge of the Empire Trader Specialization Deck - 5.99World War Cthulhu : The Darkest Hour - 24.99
Judge Dredd : Core RPG - 29.99Star Wars : Edge of the Empire Bodyguard Specialization Deck - 5.99
Boardgame : Descent 2nd Edition The Trollfens - 23.99Star Wars : Edge of the Empire Enter the Unknown - 19.99
Star Wars : Edge of the Empire Beyond the Rim - 19.99Paizo : Map Pack Ambush Sites - 10.99
Star Wars RPG : Age of Rebellion GM Kit - 16.99Star Wars : Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook - 34.99

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