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Doug's Review
From the picture you can see she holds a wand aloft in 1 hand, and carries a bundle of scrolls in her other arm. At her feet a white cat licks it's paw. What you can't see is that the paintwork is...

"Excellent customer support via email, really helpful and quick. Very fast delivery and packing and good prices. Can't really ask for much..."
- Sergio, Spain


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The 13th Floor XPs FAQ

What is it?
XPs are a type of loyalty scheme to reward you for sticking with us! You can exchange your XPs to level up and buy rewards (and get continuous benefits) or you can trade them directly for vouchers against your next purchase. NEW! Now you can exchange your hard earned XPs directly for products - click here to see what's currently on offer.

How do I get XPs?
1. Buy stuff. You get roughly 1 XP per £1 spent

2. Submit reviews. You'll get 5 XPs for every review that is approved. You'll generally only get XPs for reviews that are over 50 words, so "Brill" won't cut it (as succinct and useful as it might be!).

You can also get extra XPs with some rewards like "BARD" which gives you an extra 2 XPs for every successful review you submit at Rank 1.

What are XPs worth?
Nothing until you trade them for a voucher or use them to upgrade your account with a Reward.

What's a Reward?
A Reward is a permanent power-up to your account which gives you a benefit. This can range from monetary discounts to free premium sleeves and dice with your future orders. Check your account page now to view what's available.

What's a Level?
Spending XPs on Rewards increases your level as a customer of The 13th Floor! Certain future Rewards will only be available once you have reached a high enough level, ensuring that our very best Rewards are reserved for our most loyal customers. Your current level is the total of all your current Reward ranks.

How do I spend XPs?
Login, visit your account page and click on The 13th Floor XPs tab. From here you'll see how many XPs you've got and what you can trade them in for.

Will there be more Rewards?
Yes. We've launched with 3 Rewards each with 3 ranks, but we've got 15 more already planned (each with various ranks). It takes time to implement the code for each Reward which is why they're not all here at once. Expect to see new rewards every couple of months.

What's the catch ?
You can't sell your XPs or transfer them to anyone else, and we don't want to see your account on eBay because it's got a lot of Rewards!

Confused? Email the store, we'll be glad to help!

See our terms and conditions for more legal stuff.